“Harmonic Etudes” just released!


“Harmonic Etudes”, third, and last part of the “Estonian Trilogy”, released on June 21st!

Solo piano original works exploring piano sonorities and textures, as impressionistic painters searched for their personal color palette.

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New solo piano album “Mimesis”, just released

“Mimesis”, new solo piano album, just released. After “Winter Poems”, the second part of the Estonian trilogy. Already available in all stores.

“Estonian Suite” concert dates in Estonia


With the occasion of the celebrations of the 100 anniversary of Estonian independence (February 24, 1918-2018), Iñaki will perform 5 consecutive solo piano concerts in Estonia, presenting the work “Estonian Suite”, just released. The funds raised from the concerts will go toward scholarship programs for young students.

February 19: Otepää

February 20: Pärnu

February 21: Tartu

February 22: Viljandi

February 23: Karksi-Nuia

Interview at “Carta de España” magazine

Interview in magazine Carta de España, Spanish Ministry of Employment, by Pablo San Roman, December 2017

Winter Poems, released December 21st

Solo piano album “Winter Poems”, first part of the Estonian Trilogy, to be released on December 21st. Available in all stores.

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All About Jazz review of “Estonian Suite”, by Bruce Lindsay

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Inaugural lecture on influences of Impressionism in Jazz harmony

Inaugural lecture by Iñaki Sandoval “Color Palette: Influences of Impressionism in Jazz Harmony”

On 26 October at 16:15, UT Professor of Jazz Music Iñaki Sandoval will deliver his inaugural lecture on the influences of Impressionism in jazz harmony. The lecture is in English and is held in the assembly hall of the University of Tartu.

Impressionist music follows the same concept as employed by Impressionist paintings, giving just an “impression” of the figure represented, with no sound being more important that the other and without specifically outlining its characteristics. Harmony in jazz music is typically based on a prevailing vertical approach, i.e. tonality. However, as taken from French Impressionism, harmony can also be approached in a horizontal or modal manner, considering primarily the mode and scale instead of the guide tones.

Present-day jazz musicians regularly incorporate classical music concepts, including elements of Impressionism, in their music and the stylistic division lines across genres have become blurred over time. This primary characteristic defines jazz music as an all-encompassing art form that combines a variety of music resources to develop a creative and often spontaneous musical expression. Jazz musicians who are well-known for their Impressionistic approach include, for example, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

“The lecture focuses on the influences of Impressionism, which developed both in painting and music, on jazz music, and especially jazz harmony. In addition, jazz music has been influenced by many 20th-century styles,” said Professor Iñaki Sandoval about the theme of the lecture. “The lecture is suitable for everyone. In the lecture I describe works of art, paintings, and compare them to pieces of jazz music. I also play a few examples on the piano.”

Iñaki Sandoval is Professor of Jazz Music and Director of Viljandi Culture Academy of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Tartu. He has formerly served as the director of the jazz department and the dean of graduate studies at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, Spain.  He is a pianist and composer, with bachelor’s degrees in both classical and jazz piano performance, master’s degree in jazz piano performance and PhD in Art History and Musicology. Over the last two decades, he has developed a brilliant artistic career, performing all over the world, collaborating and recording with internationally acclaimed musicians. He has published five albums as a leader and is preparing for the upcoming publication of “Estonian Trilogy”, a collection of three studio albums, which will be released in 2018.

Additional information: Kady Sõstar, Senior Specialist for Protocol in UT International Cooperation Unit, 511 9188, kady.sostar@ut.ee

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“Estonian Suite” already available in all stores in physical and digital formats:

Physical CD/DVD, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes

Release date: September 21st, 2017

CD&DVD Solo piano concert recorded live in Tallinn on March 15, 2017, featuring works from The Estonian Trilogy studio albums “Winter Poems”, “Mimesis”,  and “Harmonic Etudes”, which will be released in 2018. All brand new compositions by Iñaki Sandoval.

The music of “Estonian Suite: Live in Tallinn” is inspired by Estonia: its people, traditions and culture, its beautiful nature and landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, its peacefulness, winter, solitude and silence. Under the prism of jazz and improvisation, the language is closer to the classical and impressionist music of the 20th century with influences of minimalism, folk and popular music.

“Estonian Suite” invites to withdrawal, meditation and inner reflection, even to listen with closed eyes. The piano is located in the middle of the concert hall, with soft lighting and the audience forming a circle around the interpreter. The proximity of the artist and the audience make it possible to listen actively and closely, receiving directly the vibrations of the strings of the piano without intermediation. This is when the music no longer belongs to the artist, but to the listener.

“MIMESIS” Premiere in concert, July 6th, Ronda (Málaga), Spain

“MIMESIS” Premiere, for solo piano. Concert at the XVIII Edition of “Semana de la música de Ronda”, Málaga (Spain). Organized by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda + info



Radio interview at Estonian public radio ERR Klassika, by Ivo Heinloo

Monographic interview at Estonian Public Radio ERR Klassikaraadio, by Ivo Heinloo

Listen interview (Estonian/English audio)