Aspen Institute Spain – Alumni Seminar

The Aspen Institute Spain alumni seminar “Transatlantic Values at a Crossroads” took place in the Real Maestranza of Ronda on October 17-20. The seminar, organized in collaboration with The Aspen Institute (USA), was moderated by Todd Breyfogle, Managing Director of Executive Leadership Seminars at The Aspen Institute (USA). This edition featured a didactic solo piano concert for all Aspen fellows participants by Iñaki Sandoval.

The Aspen España seminar is based on readings of classical texts in political philosophy and Western literature and analyzes the values ​​of an open society and the tensions inherent in the definition of such a society. This seminar brings together a group of distinguished leaders in a variety of sectors in civil society, offering a plural forum in which they can reflect and debate the current state of democracy and its future and with an eye to discerning enduring values and assessing their adequacy for the leadership challenges each of us faces today.

What is character? How is it developed? What are the internal resources that contribute to values-based leadership? How do we cultivate, share, and support a leadership culture—within organizations and in society at large—which emphasizes character?

Building upon the experience of the Aspen España Executive Seminar: Transatlantic Values at a Crossroads, the Leadership and Character Seminar probes the internal context of making leadership decisions and exploring the competing tensions that form our moral compass. Topics include moral courage, character and virtue, power and authority, identity and relationships, conscience, and vision. This seminar, moderated by Todd Breyfogle of the Aspen Institute US, is open to alumni of the Seminar on Transatlantic Values at a Crossroads.

More information: Aspen Institute Spain

Concert in Tbilisi, Georgia

Concert image gallery, at the Tbilisi State Conservatory, in Georgia.

Spanish National Day: piano concert in Narva, Estonia

Spanish National Day celebrations on October 12th had a musical highlight this year. The Spanish Embassy in Estonia and the city of Narva hosted a solo piano concert by Iñaki Sandoval at the Hermann Castle, a beautiful medieval castle founded in 1256 which sets Estonia’s eastern border to Russia. The concert was presented by the Spanish Ambassador to Estonia, H.E. Mrs. Teresa Orjales Vidal.

Upcoming concert dates

October 12: Narva, Estonia

October 18: Ronda, Spain

October 24: Tbilisi, Georgia

November 14: Tallinn, Estonia

November 28: Tartu, Estonia

Brazil Tour 2019

June 24: Porto Alegre
Place: Renaissance Theatre
Address: AV. Erico Verissimo, 307-Azenha

June 25: Brasilia
Place: Ctj Hall, Thomas Jefferson
Address: Seps 706/906, via w5 south – south wing, DF

June 26: Brasilia, Master Class
Place: University of Brasilia
Address: Music Department Auditorium, SG Building 8, Darcy Ribeiro campus

June 27: Sao Paulo
Place: Theatre cultural Unibes
Address: Oscar Freire Street, 2500, sumaré

June 28: Sao Paulo, Master Class
Place: Conservatório e Faculdade Souza Lima
Address: Maria Figueiredo Street, 560

“Jazz and Impressionism” conferences and concerts in Lisbon, Pamplona, and San Sebastian

October 18: Escola de Música Superior de Lisboa, Lisbon (Portugal)

October 24: Conservatorio Superior de Música de Navarra, Pamplona (Spain)

October 26: Musikene, San Sebastian (Spain)

Release of the complete “Estonian Trilogy” 3 solo piano cd-set

The complete 3 cd-set “The Estonian Trilogy” has been published. Featuring the 3 solo piano studio albums: “Winter Poems”, “Mimesis”, and “Harmonic Etudes”.

Introspective, quiet and minimalistic, all-new original compositions for solo piano. The music is inspired by Estonia: its people, traditions, and culture, its beautiful nature and landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, its peacefulness, winter, solitude, and silence. Under the prism of jazz and improvisation, the language is closer to the classical and impressionist music of the 20th century with influences of minimalism, folk, and popular music.

“The Estonian Trilogy” invites to withdrawal, meditation, and inner reflection, even to listen with closed eyes.

The live CD/DVD “Estonian Suite: Live in Tallinn” (recorded live on March 2017) includes works from the three studio albums in concert format. The piano is located in the middle of the concert hall, with soft lighting and the audience forming a circle around the interpreter. The proximity of the artist and the audience make it possible to listen actively and closely, receiving directly the vibrations of the strings of the piano without intermediation. This is when the music no longer belongs to the artist, but to the listener. Video preview here 

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Presentation of “Harmonic Etudes”, third and last part of The Estonian Trilogy

“Harmonic Etudes”, third, and last part of the “Estonian Trilogy”, released on June 21st!

Solo piano original works exploring piano sonorities and textures, as impressionistic painters searched for their personal color palette.

Listen “Harmonic Etudes” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon

New solo piano album “Mimesis”, just released

“Mimesis”, new solo piano album, just released. After “Winter Poems”, the second part of the Estonian trilogy. Already available in all stores.

“Estonian Suite” concert dates in Estonia


With the occasion of the celebrations of the 100 anniversary of Estonian independence (February 24, 1918-2018), Iñaki will perform 5 consecutive solo piano concerts in Estonia, presenting the work “Estonian Suite”, just released. The funds raised from the concerts will go toward scholarship programs for young students.

February 19: Otepää

February 20: Pärnu

February 21: Tartu

February 22: Viljandi

February 23: Karksi-Nuia