“MIMESIS” Premiere in concert, July 6th, Ronda (Málaga), Spain

“MIMESIS” Premiere, for solo piano. Concert at the XVIII Edition of “Semana de la música de Ronda”, Málaga (Spain). Organized by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda + info



Radio interview at Estonian public radio ERR Klassika, by Ivo Heinloo

Monographic interview at Estonian Public Radio ERR Klassikaraadio, by Ivo Heinloo

Listen interview (Estonian/English audio)

“Estonian suite” premiere for solo piano, March 15th, Tallinn, Estonia

Premiere of “Estonian suite” for solo piano. March 15th, Mustpeade maja, Tallinn.

Iberofest presents the world premiere of “Estonian Suite” composed for solo piano and performed by Iñaki Sandoval. The work will be published shortly by Bebyne Records (www.bebyne.com).

The music is inspired by Estonia: its people, traditions and culture, its beautiful nature and landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, its peacefulness, winter, solitude and silence. Under the prism of jazz and improvisation, the language is closer to the classical and impressionist music of the 20th century with influences of minimalism, folk and popular music.

“Estonian Suite” invites to withdrawal, meditation and inner reflection, even to listen with your eyes closed. The piano is located in the middle of the concert hall, with soft lighting and the audience forming a circle around the interpreter. The proximity of the interpreter and the audience make it possible to listen actively and closely, receiving directly the vibrations of the strings of the piano without intermediation. This is when the music no longer belongs to the artist, but to the listener.

More info +

Radio interview at Spanish Public Radio RNE3, by José Miguel López

Monographic radio interview at Spanish Public Radio, RNE3 “Discópolis”, by José Miguel López

Listen interview (Spanish audio)

Mercè Brey & Iñaki Sandoval: Vision in blue. Barcelona & Madrid, Spain

Iñaki Sandoval´s piano and Mercè Brey´s book “You are the best that has ever happened to you… Love yourself!”, bring us to a self reflective and meditative environment, with thoughts around the sense of our own existence and the ability to develop a better world. More info

Audio Book coming up soon!

First concerts in Madrid (February 14) and Barcelona (February 15), Spain.

Co-organized by ASPEN INSTITUTE España, Casa América, Plataforma Editorial, Vox Populi

The Music of Bill Evans: Iñaki Sandoval & Marek Talts

“The Music of Bill Evans”

Iñaki Sandoval, piano; Marek Talts, guitar

January 13th, JASM, Viljandi, Estonia

Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy graduation ceremony

On June 19th, Viljandi’s Pärimusmuusika ait hosted the graduation ceremony of 2015-2016 academic year. Congratulations to all students!

Tartu Ülikooli Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia lõpuaktus, Pärimusmuusika Ait, 19.06.2016Tartu Ülikooli Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia lõpuaktus, Pärimusmuusika Ait, 19.06.2016



Latvian Academy of Music, Riga, Latvia

Final examinations jury committee at Latvian Academy of Music in Riga (http://www.jvlma.lv)


Band Teaching Conference, Aalborg Music Academy, Denmark

Aalborg Music Academy hosts the 2016 Band Teaching Conference March (March 29 – April 1), featuring teachers and musicians from Scandinavian and Baltic countries

Aalborg copy

Spring 2016 Concerts, Estonia


Iñaki Sandoval Trio – Spring 2016 concerts in Estonia

Featuring Peedu Kass (bass) and Ahto Abner (drums)








Tartu Ülikooli Humanities Faculty Ceremony, Tartu (January 4). Duo with Sander Kahu (bass)

Jazz Kooli, Pärimusmuusika ait, Viljandi (January 6). Solo piano

Tartu JazzKlubi, Tartu (January 14)

Philly Joe’s, Tallinn (January 16)

ETV+, Estonian Public TV, Tallinn (January 20)

Tartu Ülikooli “Estonian Independence Day, 98th Anniversary”. Marti Tarn (bass), Ahto Abner (drums) (February 23)

Narva Jazz Club, Narva (March 2)

Iberofest, Mustpeade maja, Tallinn (March 8)