Dr. Iñaki Sandoval developes a very active pedagogic activity as jazz professor at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, in Estonia, where in addition to administration duties, he teaches piano and improvisation. Formerly he was founder director of the jazz department at Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, and former academic director of L’AULA de Música Moderna, member of the Berklee International Network of Schools.

His upcoming book “In Your Own Sweet Way: A Study of Effective Practice Habits” will be released in 2018.

For information about master class and conferences, please contact here. Some Master Class and seminar topics may include:

Practice & General Topics:

  • Developing a personal practice routine
  • Improvisation
  • Solo transcription: Analysis and benefits
  • Analytical listening
  • Ensembles: Rhythm Section & Soloists
  • Repertoire development
  • Creative Ear Training

For Pianists:

  • Piano Master Class
  • Sound and phrasing – Getting the piano to sing
  • Technique skills
  • Improvisation and language: singing the solos
  • Classical Music for the Jazz Pianist

For Classical Pianists (teachers/students):

  • Introduction to improvisation and the jazz language
  • Harmony and Ear Training
  • Aural interaction
  • Group performance
  • A guide of listening: discography and bibliography